Excellent business results do not happen by chance, they require the entire business to work together on a well developed plan. But the world around us is constantly changing, so the business needs to anticipate and respond to these changes and update the plan. There’s a process that does this efficiently and effectively, and it’s called Integrated Business Planning.

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning (and its predecessor process, Sales and Operations Planning) gives a business the ability to anticipate the changes that may occur in the future, and construct plans to take advantage of the opportunities the changes present. Through a monthly cycle, the perspectives and insights of all departments are captured, allowing issues and opportunities to become visible, and providing the opportunity to plan for the future rather than reacting to the present.

The Integrated Business Planning process

  • ensures integration of department plans and reconciliation of plan disconnects
  • maintains a focus on strategy deployment
  • provides risk and contingency planning
  • financial integration
  • performance measurement.

To support a business in implementing or improving their Integrated Business Planning process including the sub-processes such as Demand Management, Supply Management, and Integrated Reconciliation, we provide the following services.


Using the Oliver Wight Class A checklist criteria, we

  • assess your current process and practices
  • identify the opportunities for improved performance
  • work with you to develop a roadmap for implementation.

Process Design and Implementation

Through targeted education, customized design workshops, and individualized and group coaching we ensure that your employees understand the process and their roles; and that the process design aligns with your business structure and culture.

Technology Support

We configure and implement the Oliver Wight Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning Tool (ESOPT). This tool ensures integration of department plans, and provides visibility of those plans to all participants in the Integrated Business Planning process.

We also provide business support for ERP implementations including SAP APO with services which range from design assessments to complete project management.