There is an ever-growing list of tools to support collaboration in organizations and learning environments. Whether your goal is to

  • support cross functional teams
  • build and sustain communities of practice
  • allow spontaneous interaction with colleagues from around the world

the technological barriers to collaboration have come down dramatically in the past decade. That makes it easy to focus on the promise of Computer Supported Collaboration without systematically addressing the complexities of implementing it.

There is no out-of-the-box package that will provide instant collaboration. There is always the risk of looking at tools as a solution rather than as a means to facilitate new business practices. But, an organization can build the practices and the cultural environment that will support and encourage use of collaborative tools in ways that meet their needs and goals, as well as those of the individuals and teams who work there.

We help you to first identify your goals and measures of success, then understand the cultural changes required to support collaboration. As we evaluate your needs, you may be pleasantly surprised to realize that you already have the technology and tools in place to support collaboration; if not we can help you select the tools you need.