by Sean Putman and Janet LaAne Effron

“Through conversations with Learning & Development professionals about the need for better data, it’s become clear that good design is not only about designing for data, but also designing from data. Investigating Performance comprehensively looks at designing to get valuable data needed to understand both course and user performance via data collection and analytics. The authors present tools and techniques to take advantage of the data collected to improve learning approaches throughout the design cycle. Investigating Performance helps the reader establish a non-developer level overview of the xAPI spec to provide a baseline understanding of xAPI and its usage, then moves on to an exploration of data types, strategy, and the basics of data analysis.

Learning & Development professionals have the potential to support meaningful, actionable assessment of course design and learner achievement through data collection and analysis. Now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. This book gives a practical overview of the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to get started.”

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