Four Rivers Group was formed in 2006, initially providing education, process design guidance, and coaching for business planning and integration projects. This support continues to be one of our major focuses.  Over time, our engagements revealed a common need; regardless the industry or organizational size, consulting and coaching can only take a business so far along the path of change. Sustained improvement requires reinforcement, internal sharing of new insights and learnings, and new education as people change positions and the organization evolves.

Four Rivers began to look at new approaches which would allow organizations to support and sustain their people’s capabilities in order to maintain the benefits from the improvement initiatives.  This led us to develop multiple approaches for information sharing, information filtering, and knowledge transfer; approaches which range from traditional and eLearning training  to the utilization of the wide spectrum of social media and collaboration tools and methods.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to business improvement.    Our experience with business best practices, learning, and cognition paired with our knowledge of new trends and capabilities in social and information technologies allows us to tailor solutions to our client’s needs and culture.