Sites We Like

Groups and professionals that we share with and learn from:

Oliver Wight

Michael Effron provides S&OP, IBP, Demand Management and Master Scheduling consulting as a Principal of Oliver Wight, the originator of MRPII, Sales and Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning, and Integrated Supply Chain Management.

Simbeck Hampson

Simbeck Hampson  confidently offer business consultancy, social media strategy, virtual training, QR codes, brand design and communication plans. They have over 10 years experience offering local and international solutions in education, industry, private and public sectors.

The IntelCollab Wiki

An ongoing project, devoted to providing intelligence solutions for real world problems as well as being the premiere resource site for Competetive Intelligence professionals; includes a business needs based wiki, and an extensive compilation of references. Stop by the site for a visit; and stay to contribute.

Evansville Girl Geek Dinners

Four Rivers Group is proud to sponsor Evansville Girl Geek Dinners. Come join us, or find a Girl Geek Dinners site near you.

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