Everything changes... Be ready

Change is unavoidable, whether it be a change in business climate, shifting organizational structure or rapidly evolving technology. We help our client organizations to capitalize on change through better anticipation, response and communication.

Who We Are

Janet Laane Effron

Janet’s diverse backround includes such roles as project manager, marketing analyst, and business intelligence. She also has experience in educational policy and curriculum. For the last five years she has been evaluating the effectiveness of different educational approaches in private and public schools, and in the private sector. Rather than apply a "one size fits all” approach, Janet matches the learning needs and objectives with the best approach; be it a traditional classes or web enabled on-demand collaborative learning, or a blend of techniques.

Michael Effron

Michael Effron works as a SME for Four Rivers, providing the expertise built in over 20 years implementing and improving business and supply chain planning processes. Michael has provided management education and coaching in countries as diverse as China, Thailand, Indonesia, Belgium, Great Britain, Mexico, and the United States. His experience in all aspects of business, from the shop floor to the executive level gives him a deep understanding of the learning and performance needs of organizations.

Four Rivers Group networks with other Subject Matter Experts as needed to best serve each project.